NAFTA – successful second show in Rijeka


On January 12th Drugo Mores co-production with Perforacije Festival Zagreb “NAFTA ili Matrica Znanja” (“OIL or the Matrix of Knowledge”) showed again at HKD theatre in Rijeka.

Rijeka’s oil refinery

The performance is the first international production of acclaimed Brazilian choreographers Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira with six Croatian dancers and has been developed during their residency in Rijeka in September and October 2011. Inspiration for the show came from Rijeka’s oil refinery, a very visible landmark in the city. Questions of survival are set in an economic, social and political context, using oil as a metaphorical suggestion.

NAFTA premiered in Rjeka as part of Drugo Mores MOJE, TVOJE, NAŠE Festival (MINE, YOURS, OURS Festival) in October 2011. Other shows in Zagreb as part of the Perforacije Festival (October 2011), and at ITD theatre Zagreb (December 2011).


You can find more information in the NAFTA booklet (Engl./Croatian).

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